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Based in Houston, TX L. Pearson Design is an interior design practice that creates custom residential interiors with a sense of livable luxury.
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  • Modern Stucco
  • Modern Stucco Powder Room
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  • Modern Stucco Living
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  • Modern Stucco Dining Room
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  • Modern Stucco Living Room
  • Modern Stucco
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  • Modern Stucco Kitchen
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  • Modern Stucco Ottoman
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  • Modern Stucco Master Bath
  • Modern Stucco Master Sink
  • Modern Stucco TV Room
Modern Traditional
About This Project

This modern stucco beauty has beautiful architectural accents on the inside. The stone and wood foyer opens into the living and sitting areas. We did a soft pink pallet in the front room with custom barrel chairs and Schumacher trim. This client wanted a fresh look and a fresh pallet, so we used lavender in the front study. Then, we used lavender animal print chairs and a large round table with art by Sara Genn in the dining room. Custom Greek key trim on the silk drapes adds a neo-classical flair. Bright pops of color in the family room with turquoise bar stools in the kitchen give this home a modern look while making it a perfectly comfortable family home.